Monday, June 27

Cool Plants: California Flannelbush

Latin Name: Fremontodendron californicum
Common Name: California Flannelbush

The California Flannelbush grows at high elevations, in the southern parts of California and the western regions of southern Arizona. This evergreen thrives in arid conditions and in soils that are lacking in nutrients.

The plant is named after its collector, 19th century explorer John Charles Fremont. Fremont served as the third Military Governor of California, a California Senator, the Territorial Governor of Arizona, and was the first Presidential Candidate for the anti-slavery Republican Party.

Fremont was also an avid explorer and embarked upon vast excursions across our nation's then unexplored frontier regions. During his travels Fremont compiled a rather extensive collection of the plant life in the Southwestern Territories and States.

We collected the specimen pictured above along the south face of a rocky slope heading up towards Cedar Springs.

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  1. This gorgeous plant is a cool option for landscaping, though establishing it can be a bit tricky. We have an example of a related species (Fremontodendron mexicanum) growing outside the Museum in Riverside. I planted it in a large hole filled with sand, so the roots would have excellent drainage and avoid rot. (F. mexicanum is found in Baja California and southern San Diego County.)