Tuesday, June 28

Off on the Overnight Hike to Skunk Meadow

The team assembles at the top of the Tramway.
Today was pretty extraordinary: a morning's drive down to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway past multiple wind farms, the stunning 2.5 mile tram ride, seemingly straight up the mountain, and all the excitement of the team setting off on the overnight hike through the Mt. San Jacinto State Wilderness. The team will spend the night at a Fire Service administrative camp near Skunk Cabbage Meadow, then proceed down Devil's Slide Trail (gulp!) tomorrow to the expedition vehicles in Humber Park. (Traditional sno-cones in Idyllwild are sure to follow.) Collecting plants, as always, will be one of the chief activities along the way, but this time the collecting will be followed by a night sleeping under the stars.

Click here to watch video (with some commentary from the peanut gallery...) of the team heading out onto the trail from the park at the top of the Tramway:

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