Saturday, June 25

Well, it's Saturday already and we've only begun to post blog entries. I know everyone wants to see and hear what's happening but we've had some time drains (including a vehicle problem, an invasion of CENS geeks, and obligatory visits to the sno-cone store) as well as a couple of technical problems involving the videos. But we've got everything resolved (except visits to sno-cone-ville will continue) and you can expect a flurry of content real soon. In the meantime, here's a couple of shots that are typical of the fun and camraderie that is SCAP. First is Team Blue Sky (l-r, Anna, Nick, Boone, Erin, and Evan N.) with staff member Katie in the blue shirt in middle. They look pretty fresh for just having hiked all of our gear (not shown) to the intersection of Cedar Springs Trail and the Pacific Crest Train at 6,800 feel elevation. The second picture is Team Adder (front l-r, Rachel, Evan S., Alex and Dave, back, Dammy) with the seemingly everpresent lieutenant Katie in purple in front. Here they are on the side of Black Mountain Truck Road, elevation 7,780 feet. They don't look quite as fresh, do they?

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